Topics & Documents

ICCR is working on different topics of common interest and of relevance for the cosmetics sector such as allergens, alternatives to animal testing, integrated strategies for safety assessments, nanotechnology/nanomaterials, trace elements, preservatives, and more.

The work products resulting from the ICCR process can include:
  • White papers that provide a background on the current status across jurisdictions on a given matter or approach
  • General principles that should be considered in addressing a particular regulatory issue in a manner that is specific to cosmetic products
  • Recommendations on specific regulatory/safety issues that can include definitions, acceptable levels, methodologies, endorsement of other international standards as applicable to cosmetic products, etc.

ICCR work products can be adopted, endorsed, implemented, etc. by individual jurisdictions as appropriate for and pursuant to their respective regulatory systems. They can also provide an international guidance, reference or standard for use by ICCR and other regulatory authorities worldwide, thereby meeting ICCR's mandate of maintaining the highest level of consumer protection while minimizing barriers to international trade.

ICCR Working Group reports are based on currently available data and information. Each report represents a consensus document of ICCR members at the time.